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We just love Gelato!

My name is Arian and together with my wife Katja we own and operate Gelato California.


Born and raised in Austria, we noticed how hard it is to find an authentic Gelato experience when we were planning our own wedding here in SoCal. As Gelato lovers and European Natives, we knew we had to change that! If you have ever been to Italy, you might have noticed that Gelato, when served in the right environment, is more than just a treat. At Gelato California, we do our best to give you and your guests a piece of this beautiful nostalgic Italian experience alongside the likely best Gelato & Sorbets you have ever had! 

We pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of typical American flavors, vegan, non-dairy as well as gluten-free options to make sure everyone finds their perfect scoop! 

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